Meteksan Defence is Showcasing Innovative Defence Solutions at IDEF 2023

  1. Meteksan Defence, Türkiye’s leading defence firm, is showcasing several defence solutions at the 16th International Defence Industry Fair, IDEF’23 at TÜYAP Fair and Congress Center. Meteksan Defence. The exhibition will serve as an ideal platform for Meteksan Defence to foster valuable partnerships, engage in collaborative discussions, and demonstrate its commitment to bolstering the defense capabilities of Turkey and its allied nations.

Meteksan Defence supplies various kinds of defence equipment to several countries including Turkiye, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia and others. This year, Meteksan Defence is unveiling several new products including:

  1. YAKAMOS-RT, Submersible Anti-Submarine Warfare Radar
  2. MERT Electonic Attack System

YAKAMOS-RT is the upgradation of the YAKAMOS sonar system that is already in service with Turkish Navy’s Ada-Milgem class corvettes. YAKAMOS-RT, which has a smaller and lighter array structure with its hihigh-frequencyperation, will not restrict the maneuverability of the platforms thanks to its retractable structure. This new sonar system, which provides significant operational advantages compared to its counterparts thanks to its algorithms and user interface optimized for Anti-Submarine Warfare, uses the YAKAMOS Sonar family’s algorithms, which have proven their performance in different seas for many years.

The MERT Electronic Attack System was designed and developed as an Electronic Attack (EA) system that will be used to intercept the communication of target elements from a long distance with new generation smart techniques in the entire frequency band it covers. Developed to meet different operational needs, the system can be used in a fixed configuration on a mast or integrated on a vehicle.

Meteksan Defence is also exhibiting several other products which include, MILSAR, a Moving Target Detection and Synthetic Aperture Radar. In addition to these groundbreaking offerings, Meteksan Defence will present the redesigned Helicopter Obstacle Detection System (HETS). Visitors will have the opportunity to explore NAZAR Navigation Electronic Warfare System, SEYMEN Navigation Electronic Warfare System and MERTER Radar system with versatile defense applications.

MERT Electronic Attack System

With a focus on excellence and technological prowess, the company’s presence at IDEF 2023 promises to elevate the standards of the defense industry and pave the way for a more secure and advanced future. Visitors can visit Meteksan at Stand 722A in Hall 7 of the TÜYAP Fair and Congress Center and can engage in numerous meetings as part of the event.

Fatima Zainab
Fatima Zainab is the Co-Cheif Executive Officer (Co-CEO) of Global Defense Insight. She studies Nuclear & Strategic Studies at the National Defence University (NDU). She is an IBM Certified Cybersecurity Analyst. Her areas of interest cover Cyber Warfare, Contemporary Security Studies, and International Politics.

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