NATO vow to exacerbate the evacuation process from war-torn Afghanistan, after the Taliban took control of the country.

Almost 18,000 people have already been flown out of the country after the fall of Kabul to the insurgents.

Criticism mounted over the international community as the

 evacuation slowed. 

People fear the Taliban will be targeting the ‘collaborators’, who worked with the Foreign forces in Afghanistan. 

According to a confidential document by an institute that provides intelligence to the UN, the Taliban has been carrying out a door-to-door manhunt in different parts of the country.

RHIPTO Norwegian Center for Global Analyses reports that the Taliban has been in a search of finding people and threatening their family members too.

Several people have been thronging the Airport to flee out of it.

US President Joe Biden ll address the evacuation process at 17:00 GMT. 

Earlier on Thursday, Foreign ministers of G7 countries asked the international community to respond on a United front to prevent the crisis from worsening.

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