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Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Rolled Out Fight (8) JF-17 Thunder Block III aircraft

On Friday, the first eight JF-17 Thunder Block III aircraft were wheeled out of Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Kamra, according to sources. Planes will be tested by the Flight Test Center before being turned over to the Pakistan Air Force, according to SOPs.

Meanwhile, according to some reports, five aircraft have been wheeled out and handed over to the Pakistan Air Force. Official sources, on the other hand, have not confirmed this.

The first squadron of JF-17 Thunder Block III aircraft is anticipated to be established in March 2022, with aircraft joining the squadron at the same time.

JF-17 Thunder Block III aircraft
JF-17 Thunder Block III aircraft

The improved JF-17 variant has elevated the fighter aircraft to new heights, and the already fearsome weapon now offers Pakistan an impregnable defense line.

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The Pak-China jointly developed JF-17 Thunder Block-III 4+ Generation made its first flight in December 2019, demonstrating its power and air dominance once more. The first-ever powered-up prototype was flown in a test flight at Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group’s (CAIG) facilities, showcasing several key modifications and technology.

According to sources, the aircraft is equipped with numerous commercial off-the-shelf technologies made by China’s state-owned Aviation Industry Corporation, as evidenced by photos that have been posted on social media.

Some of the upgrades include;

1: New and larger holographic wide-angle head-up display.

2: Integrated cockpit display.

3: Advanced infrared missile approach warning system used by China’s elite fighter jets.

4: Advanced active electronically scanned array radar system.

5: Advanced weapons capability.

The third block would strengthen the JF-17’s information-based warfare capability and weaponry upgrading, according to Yang Wei, the main designer of the China-Pakistan co-developed fighter jet.

The jet is well-known over the world as a cost-effective and superior alternative to its competitors. Many countries have expressed interest in purchasing the aircraft, which is already in use by Myanmar and Nigerian air forces.

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