Pakistan Air Force Conducts National Air Defense Exercise | Umair Aslam

Pakistan Air Force conducted a large scale exercise involving different elements of national ari defense. As per press release issued by Media Wing of Pakistan Air Force,

Exercise was focused on integrated and synergistic employment of offensive and defensive forces. The aim of this exercise was to enhance operational preparedness and combat readiness of Pakistan Air Defence in near-realistic threat environment, said a PAF media release. Apart from PAF Operational assets including Fighter aircraft, Surface to Air Missile Systems, Sensors, Force Multipliers and Battle Management Centers; elements of Army Air Defence were also integrated in the exercise.

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GDI Input:

This exercise was conducted in many phases and final phase was concluded on Thursday, 3rd of Febuary, 2022. This exercise was first major exercise conducted by Pakistan Air Force in 2022.

In this exercise, Pakistan Army Air Defense Command partcipated along with PAF’s Air Defense Command and various sqn of Pakistan Air Force. As per Video released by Pakistan Air Force, following squadrons particpated in this exercise.

  1. No 2 SQN (JF-17 Block 2, Southern Command, 39 Wing)
  2. No. 4 SQN (ZDK-3, Southern Command, 32 Wing)
  3. No. 5 SQN (F-16, Southern Command, 39 Wing)
  4. No, 9 SQN (F-16, Central Command,38 Wing )
  5. No. 15 SQN (Mirage, Central Command, 33 Wing)
  6. No. 17 SQN (F-7 PG, Northern Command, 36 Wing)
  7. No. 19 SQN (F-16, Southern Command, 41 Wing)
  8. No. 25 SQN (Mirage, Central Command, 34 Wing)

Along with these Squadrons, various units of Army Air Defense and PAF’s Rawalpindi based Air Defense Command also participated.


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