Pakistan Navy inducts 1st Type-54A/P Frigate along with Sea King Helicopters

Pakistan Navy inducts 1st Type-54A/P Frigate along with Sea King Helicopters | Team GDI

Pakistan Navy has inducted 1st Type-54A/P guided missile frigate along with different variants of sea king helicopters in a ceremony held at Karachi dockyard on Monday. President of Pakistan along with country’s naval chief attended the ceremony. Both inductions are conducted under a navy’s modernization process.

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PNS Tughril (FFG-261) is a 4000 tonne multi-purpose guided missile frigate (FFG-261) capable of conducting various types of tasks including maritime patrols, anti-ship & anti-submarine missions. PNS Tughril is equipped with state of the art sensors and weapon systems. Pakistan Navy signed contract for the procurement of two Type-54A/P frigates in 2017. In 2018, Pakistan announced procurement of two more type-54A/P guided missile frigates. These ships will be armed with state-of-the-art weapons systems and sensors. Importantly, PNS Tughril will be 1st Pakistani Warship capable of firing missile from VLS missile cells. This ship is armed with HHQ-16 surface to air missiles.

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Pakistan Navy also inducts 10 Sea king helicopters. As per official stance of Pakistan Navy, these helicopters are gift by brotherly muslim state “Qatar”. Qatar Emiri Air Force (QEAF) gifted 10 Sea king helicopters to Pakistan Navy along a Sea king simulator. These helicopters are inducted No. 111 squadron of Pakistan Naval Air Arm. 111 squadron is already operating few sea king helicopters.

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