Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Pakistan’s Current ISI Chief Gives New Directions

According to The News International, Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Director General (DG) Lt Gen Nadeem Anjum has directed all involved authorities not to reveal his photo or video footage taken during an official meeting to the media.

According to a federal minister, the government did not release any of his photographs or video footage for the same reason.

On Monday, the National Security Committee convened, and the Director-General of the ISI was there. According to The News International, the government’s photo and video footage provided to the media revealed practically everyone else except the country’s top spymaster.

The current DG, ISI had issued a standing order to those involved not to reveal any of his photographs or video recordings from any formal meeting he attended.

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Since his appointment as the Director-General of the ISI, no photographs or video footage of him has been provided to the public.

There have been previous breaches of the concept, with governments disclosing pictures and video recordings of intelligence heads to the media on many occasions which is against the intelligence principles.

The current ISI chief seems to be a man of mystery and wants to keep himself mysterious as derived from recent instructions. However, it is also positive to keep the spy chief out of media as circulation of images and video photages disturb many in the political circles.

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