Plus971 Cyber Security Showcases Cyber Security Solutions at GISEC GLOBAL 2024


Plus971 Cyber Security is a leading cybersecurity provider dedicated to “reshaping the future of cybersecurity.” With a commitment to delivering top-tier security services, Plus971 Cyber Security caters to businesses of all sizes across various industries. The company boasts a comprehensive portfolio of services including Managed SOC, Incident Response, Threat Hunting, Cyber Forensics, and intelligence gathering from the open web, dark web, Telegram, and data from stealers.

With a highly experienced team that has been collaborating for over a decade, Plus971 brings a wealth of knowledge to every project. The team’s diverse background in multiple types of cybersecurity investigations has been pivotal in refining the company’s processes and ensuring the highest level of service delivery.

Plus971 Cyber Security is showcasing its expertise and service offerings at the prestigious GISEC GLOBAL 2024 event. This platform is not only highlighting their innovative services but also celebrate the successful partnerships that enhance their capabilities. Among their notable partners are:

– AT&T Cybersecurity: Providing SIEM technology that forms the backbone of Plus971’s security operations.
– Acronis: Enhancing overall cybersecurity capabilities with comprehensive solutions.
– Entersoft: Redefining application security to protect against emerging threats.
– Veryx Cloudmon: Offering tools to monitor digital experiences and maintain optimal operational fluency.
– Knovos: Delivering a complete eDiscovery solution that empowers organizations to take control of their data.
– Fourcore: Specializing in Breach and Attack Simulation, ensuring clients can foresee potential security threats.
– ITMax Global: Turning technological changes into transformational opportunities.
– InsightSERA | Inteli-AI: Integrating General AI and OSINT for cutting-edge digital investigations and crime detection.
– Tesseract Intelligence: Unveiling deep insights into Telegram for enhanced security measures.

Plus971 Cyber Security Showcases Cyber Security Solutions at GISEC GLOBAL 2024At GISEC GLOBAL 2024, Plus971 Cyber Security is not only demonstrating their robust security solutions but also how their strategic alliances enable them to offer a more comprehensive service. This approach ensures that Plus971 Cyber Security remains at the forefront of the cybersecurity industry, providing scalable and effective solutions that safeguard clients’ digital landscapes.

You can visit them at GISEC in hall 8 A15.

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