POF’s PSR-90 Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle


The Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle, PSR-90 cal. 7.62 mm x 51 NATO is a modern combat rifle combining the accuracy of a sniper rifle with the firepower of a machine gun. This rifle is designed and manufactured by Pakistan Ordinance Factories (POF). It is produced in accordance with the most advanced manufacturing methods. With a total length of 1158 mm, it weighs 8.1 kg. It has a fully adjustable stock. Optionally, a carrying sling and telescopic sight can be added or removed.

The rifle is designed for semi-automatic fire and can be fired from any shooting position. The Sniper Rifle is a recoil-operated weapon with a free-floating barrel and delayed roller-locked bolt system and is fed from a 5 or 20 rounds magazine. Each rifle is provided with the means to mount a telescope. Optionally, a 1.6 kg trigger pull can be added.

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Technical Specifications:

  • Cartridge: 7.62 x 51 mm (.308 Match)
  • Muzzle Velocity 870 m/s
  • Effective Range 1000 meters
  • Weight with a telescope: 8.1 kg (empty magazine)
  • Overall length: 1158 mm
  • Barrel Heavy: (Polygon profile)

International Customers of PSR-90 Sniper Rifle: 

PSR-90 Sniper Rifle in Vietnamese Service
PSR-90 Sniper Rifle in Vietnamese Service


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