Tuesday, September 26, 2023

President Youth Council Pakistan Shehzad Khan addressed the sideline high-level conference of the UNGA 76th session

Muhammad Shehzad Khan President Youth Council Pakistan virtually addressed the International Conference on Afghanistan: A Humanitarian Crisis that was the sideline high-level event of the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly. President Youth Council Pakistan shared the panel with Jenifer Rajkumari an elected member of the New York State assembly, Dunya Maumoon former Foreign Minister of Maldives, Hosna Jalil former deputy Foreign Minister of Afghanistan, Ameenah Gurib Fakim former President of Mauritius, Syed Yusuf Raza Gillani former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Dr Omer Zakhilwal former Finance Minister of Afghanistan, Ambassador Dr M Shahid Amin Khan and other diplomats and world leaders. 

Muhammad Shehzad Khan said about the post conflict reconstruction in ethnically divided societies. He said that proxy wars and new conflicts emerges, power vacuum creates in weak and failing-states after the war as we have seen right after the cold war.

He gave an emphasis that new strategies needed for peace sustaining in post conflict settings. Activities need to be undertaken on the far side of the conflict to reassemble the foundations of peace and provide tools for building on those foundations something that should be more than just the absence of war. He said that before the complete withdrawal of troops, the United States must had to retransfer of monopoly of force to the state of Afghanistan. The US had to Disarmed the private and parastatal combat units, building national security institutions, civilian control of military and police and temporary deployment of multilateral peacekeeping forces.

He said the responsibility of the US along with the UN was the composition of a constitution and rebuilding of democratic institutions, promotion of rule of law, judicial system and strengthen civil society organisations in Afghanistan.

President YCP highlighted the irresponsible attitude of the United Nations by not intervening in the socio economic problems of Afghanistan, humanitarian assistance in the immediate aftermath of conflict, and resettling of refugees.

President Shehzad urged the international human right agencies to come forward and contribute their part in rebuilding of Afghanistan because peaceful Afghanistan will leads to the peaceful ad prosperous region.


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