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Questioning women is an unquestionable demand worldwide

A gender whose representation is growing in every field is seen as a questionable thing in every society irrespective of literacy. Somewhere it is wholeheartedly welcomed if it contributed to a glorious journey but at the same moment, most of us directly or indirectly condemn it a lot. Let us not get into this debate of equality with the rest of gender as it contradicts the topic. But the sarcastic and unapologetic behavior is disrespecting the dignity associated with this particular gender. Day by day the women are being targeted not with weapons but definitely with harsh words and unwanted actions and behavioral aspects. One incident horrifies all and that is a question that needs an answer from this sick society. Why are women being targeted?

Referring to the problems being faced by women and young girls in daily life is being ignored. The ignorance makes it an unimportant thing and worthless initiative that has to be addressed. But to whom it may concern. Every continent at present is suffering from this notion. Even the progressive states are not as competent as they seem to encounter it. Somewhere they are even not allowed at the workplace by force and sometimes due to workplace harassment they give up without being open up about those criminal acts most of the time. Even during traveling for a job, they are humiliated by several people for several causes. It ultimately put up an end to a world of fantasy, aspiration, and appreciation, and dreaming. The potential becomes a curse for them when did not practice. Again a Big why for such cases. It promotes the environment to flourish on an illegal basis. Quitting from the right path and allowing illogical and unacceptable norms to stand stronger is a reason why are we doomed so much. It is a failure at individual and communal levels. We must possess a skill set that encompasses us to fight for our ideas. It will work when we never question Women with derogatory remarks.

Even the movements are not satisfactory in this regard. An already literate woman is capable of raising her voice through solid arguments and can fight for her own. But why we do not think about raising awareness from the place which remains ignorant throughout the whole scenario of modern revolution. Is it the parameter we have set or we are bound to it? Nobody neither noticed it nor formulate any mechanism to upgrade that system.

How a state becomes a home. It is definitely when you find peace not absolute but sustaining as you have heard of. It still is there when a rule of law is working. When state machinery is advanced to accomplish its task in no time. The trust deficit is increasing day by day and misuse of power and the concept of might is right is defaming the constitutional means. Which ultimately boosts the negative energies residing in a state with a negative agenda. It then questions the security of the state at large. Feudalism still prevails at different levels in our society. The approaches being provided at upper and lower societies are somehow the same. And it needs correction from policymakers and organizational institutes to counter their activities. As it typically revolves around hardships faced by women in job scenarios we will not forget that vice versa do exist. Not all are the same and bad too is the generalization of every single representative of people.

What can be done to ensure the safety of people particularly gender-associated threats? Normalization and naturalization are two processes that may complement each other but are truly a subset of gender. One would agree or refute it but the argument is naturally not citing arguments of religion but generally, most of the suppressors are women due to systematic fault. That is because we generate such policies which are workable and applicable to a specific group of people. Universality is impossible in this regard. It may be brought to an applicable project through proper analysis of the problems of that specific group. The international and domestic law is there to protect her physically and mentally too but lacks implementation. Thus paving the way towards a path not the right destiny for the talented women. Every individual in one way or other is contributing his part in shaping the future of the state. It can either be positive or negative based on the thinking process one possesses. Featuring and casting an impact in a society is directly linked to the spread of your notion globally. For that, you might be accused or blamed.
Stop inquiring about such things which may set practices for the generation. Even actions become the custom of our society. We can’t deny this as a fact because it is a major contributing factor to the topic. The world experiences shifts but how it will be perceived by the state is unpredictable. The traditional values which vary from society to society are acting as a catalyst in this process. It may minimize or maximize the results obtained from the classical way of understanding. The discourse is available to us from different perspectives. It is accepted as it is. Nobody tries to challenge the existing state of mind of people.

It’s either due to obligation or considering no one who can interrupt. We have seen general to a specific case in this regard. They are of great importance as they turned down what has to be done before. All have a right to demand and question irrespective of their gender. Attaching symbols and labels with any particular gender is an act of injustice. True representation of women to refine the societal concept will bring a change. As the sufferer are better able to find solutions to their problems instead of one who is just aware of the problem. And because it concerned people globally it is the need of time to correct it before it’s too late for all of us. A literate society will generate ways to transform it professionally and it will only be possible when we have trust in our ladies and they put their trust in the effective system. Darkness will end with visible light of hope and it then invites glory in the state.



Misbah Abidin is doing BS from National Defence University Islamabad. She has keen interest in studying political dynamics and social issues.

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