Royal Moroccan Air Force Inducts Thales GM400 Radar System


Following a site acceptance test, Thales successfully delivered the Ground Master 400 (GM400) to the Royal Moroccan Air Force (RMAF). As part of a deal signed in 2019, the delivery took place in July of this year.

It marks a defining moment for the radar, which was deployed for the 100th time around the world in September. Thales Raytheon Systems (TRS) conceived and built the GM400 mobile radar system. Raytheon and Thales have partnered to become TRS.

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GM400 is named after its range at the time of its initial design. Mostly through a series of software evolutions, its range is now above 500 km. It is available in mobile or fixed version and is deliverable in 2 options: in a standalone configuration; or, it can be integrated into a national airspace surveillance network.

The GM400 is called after the model’s range at the time of its creation. Its range has already surpassed 500 kilometers, thanks to a series of efforts to upgrade the software. It comes in a mobile or stationary form and may be delivered in two ways: as a standalone system or as part of a national airborne monitoring network.

The GM 400 is a The Ground Master radar family is known for its remarkable dependability, unrivaled performance, and high mobility, and it plays an important role in air surveillance and defense across the world.

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The Ground Master series identifies existing and potential air threats at ranges up to 500 kilometers, with enhanced low altitude detection, UAVs, due to its full digital design. A four-man crew can put up the device in 60 minutes and control it remotely.

The system is less than 10 tonnes and fits into a 20-foot shipping container. The device may be quickly deployed and carried by a single C-130 aircraft or helicopter, mounted on a 666 or 868 tactical vehicle.


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Syed Ali Abbas
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