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Royal Navy’s Submarine Fleet 2022


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Royal Navy’s Submarine Fleet is considered as the one of largest and modern fleet in the world. It consists up of eleven (11) submarines. British Navy is among very few naves that are operating “Nuclear Powered Ballistic Missile Submarines (SSBN)”.

Royal Navy is operating three different classes of submarines.

  • Vanguard Class
  • Astute Class
  • Trafalgar Class

Interestingly, entire Royal Navy’s Submarine Fleet comprises nuclear powered submarines.


Vanguard Nuclear Powered Ballistic Missile Submarines:

Vanguard-class submarines are armed with 16 UGM-133A Trident II D-5 or D-5LE nuclear-tipped Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles. Moreover, these submarines are also armed with Spearfish Heavy Weight Torpedoes (HWT). Spearfish torpedoes have a capability to destroy their target as far as 30 miles. While, Trident missile can destroyed target at a range of 4000 miles.

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Vanguard-Class at a Glance:

  • Total Length: 150 metres
  • Top Speed: 25+ knots
  • Total displacement: 15,900 tonnes


Submarines in Class:

  • HMS Vanguard S28
  • HMS Victorious S29
  • HMS Vigilant S30
  • HMS vengeance S31


Trafalgar Nuclear Powered Submarine

Another class of submarines in Royal Navy is Trafalgar Class. These boats are armed Tomahawk missiles and spearfish torpedoes. Boats from this class are equipped with five (5) 533mm torpedo tubes. Those torpedo tubes can fire American origin UGM-109E Tomahawk Land Attack Cruise Missiles (LACM).


Trafalgar Class at a Glance:

  • Total displacement: 5298 tonnes
  • Length: 85.4 metres
  • Crew members: 130
  • Speed: 30+ knots


Submarines in Class:

  • HMS Trenchant S91
  • HMS Talent S92
  • HMS Triumph S93

Astute Nuclear Powered Submarine

Royal Navy is also 4 submarines from Astute Class. These boats are armed Tomahawk missiles and spearfish torpedoes. Boats from this class are equipped with Six (6) 533mm torpedo tubes. Those torpedo tubes can fire Spearfish torpedo tubes to destroy enemy targets.

Boats in Astute Class:

  • HMS Astute S119
  • HMS Ambush S120
  • HMS Artful S121
  • HMS Audacious S122
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