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Russia, An Aftermath of Detente



Well, most of the World is aware of the many big events during Cold War but additional understanding of historical events is very important to link things together and understand them deeply and analytically. One of the important historical event during Cold war was the era of “detente”. In IR, detente is frequently used in context of calmness between two competing super powers i.e. USA and USSR between 1967-1979. Both superpowers agreed on various eras of social economic well fare but it is important to mention here that Russia was the aftermath of that era. How Russia can be the aftermath of detente? According to my opinion and many events have shown it well that USA opted to recover during the era of detente and USSR faced internal imbalance at the same time.

I can say here that “detente” proved to be an iron chain for USSR but that chain was under the garland of flowers. The era of detente was the opening gate for USA to become the superpower of the World and the same era proved to be the building stone for the creation of Russia. Detente is not itself a sole reason behind the creation of Russia but it is the main reason which has been ignored by most of the people. Detente was a diplomatic tool by USA and at the end of the day USA achieved what it wanted i.e. breaking USSR internally and becoming the sole super power on earth. Now the important thing in contemporary times is that there is again a kind of super power struggle between great players i.e. USA, USSR, China, UK etc. A new kind of Cold War is finding its way at Global strategic level. Only way forward is the application of detente in its literally terms and the goal should be the well being of Humanity.

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