Russia and US Agree on Security Dialogue Mechanisms, says Russian Foreign Minister

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said that Moscow and Washington have some points of agreement on dialogue mechanisms relating to security guarantees, noting that there are no any conflicts of interest among all countries in the region.

“As for involving their [dialogue mechanisms], there is, in my opinion, an agreement, at least between Moscow and Washington, for sure. But I see no reason why such an approach would contradict the interests of some other states in our common region,” the Russian top diplomat told the RT TV channel on Wednesday.

Lavrov also noted that bilateral contacts on security safeguards between the Russian and US side were scheduled for early 2022.

On December 17, the Russian foreign ministry released draft treaty on security guarantees, as well as some agreements on security measures for Moscow and NATO member states. The proposals were handed over to the US on December 15 during the meeting in the Russian diplomatic service.

Courtesy: TASS

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