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Saab Announces Successful First Flight of Fourth GlobalEye AEW&C

Saab announced that it has conducted the maiden flight of the fourth GlobalEye on April 03, 2023. This aircraft took off from the Saab’s airfield in Linköping, Sweden. This aircraft will be delivered to United Arab Emirates Air Force (UAEAF).

GlobalEye is a long-range, multi-role airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) platform developed by Saab, a Swedish aerospace and defense company. The platform is based on the Bombardier Global 6000 business jet and incorporates several advanced technologies, including an active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar, electro-optical sensors, and electronic warfare systems.

GlobalEye is designed to provide situational awareness and command and control capabilities to military and civilian customers. Its advanced radar system is capable of detecting and tracking a wide range of targets, including aircraft, ships, and ground vehicles, at long ranges and in all weather conditions. The platform also incorporates advanced data processing and fusion capabilities to provide real-time situational awareness to operators.

“We are very satisfied with this successful first flight of another GlobalEye. This confirms that we have the infrastructure, the capabilities, and the expertise necessary to support our customers with the most advanced AEW&C solution in a time frame that is unmatched in the market,” says Carl-Johan Bergholm, head of Saab´s business area Surveillance.

Sweden along with the United Arab Emirates have signed agreements to procure this platform, Swedish GlobalEye will be delivered in 2027. Meanwhile, United Arab Emirates has received 3 GlobalEye platforms and is expected to receive a fourth next year.

Umair Aslam
Umair Aslam is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Global Defense Insight. He has worked as a defense journalist reporting on military modernization programs, defense industry, arms procurement, and emerging technologies.

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