Scan Eagle: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle


Scan Eagle is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle designed and developed by Boeing Insitu. It is developed for various tasks such as

  • Long-endurance ISR
  • Communication relay
  • Combat search
  • Electronic attack
  • Target designation
  • Hyperspectral analysis
  • Ocean mapping

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This UAV is launched by a catapult and a skyhook recovery system is used, thus this Scan Eagle doesn’t require a runway to operate. This UAV has a maximum endurance of more than 12 hours and it can attain an altitude of about 15,000 feet. This UAV is powered by a 1 x 28cc two-stroke engine. It is equipped with the following sensors

  • Electro Optical
  • Infrared
  • Video detection and ranging camera
  • Maritime Automatic Identification System
  • Identification Friend or Foe

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For transit to the forward area of operation, the UAV is contained in a single storage container (1.71m x 0.45m x 0.45m). The nose part is where the payloads are kept. In a matter of minutes, the operators can switch the payloads out in the field. Without having to move the air vehicle, the operator may follow stationary or moving targets thanks to the sensors mounted in the turret.

Pakistan Navy and Scan Eagle:

Pakistan Navy also inducted these UAVs and these UAVs are operational on Type-22P or Zulifqar Class Guided Missile frigates.

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