Friday, December 8, 2023

Security Expert Hassan Hariry and Iraqi Defense Minister Discuss Cybersecurity Enhancement

Distinguished security expert Hassan Hariry held a significant meeting today with Iraqi Defense Minister Thabet Al-Abbasi in the heart of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. The discussion centered around key security matters and fostering collaboration in the realm of security advancement between the Iraqi Ministry of Defense and the renowned cybersecurity firm, “Plus 971 Cyber Security” from the United Arab Emirates, where Mr. Hariry serves as a CEO.

With the objective of enhancing cooperation and augmenting the effectiveness of security measures, Mr. Hariry conveyed his unwavering commitment to extending comprehensive technical support and the necessary assistance. This commitment aims to bolster cybersecurity capabilities and empower the Republic of Iraq with state-of-the-art technologies across various facets of security, with a specific emphasis on the cybersecurity domain.

At the conclusion of this significant visit, Minister Al-Abbasi took the opportunity to extend his heartfelt congratulations to Mr. Hariry for his well-deserved recognition as a leading figure in the Middle East. Mr. Haririy earned a prominent position on Forbes’ esteemed list of the “10 Most Influential Business Leaders in the Middle East in 2022.”

This meeting represents a vital step in advancing Iraq’s cybersecurity capabilities and strengthening ties between security experts and the nation’s defense leadership. The exchange of knowledge and expertise promises to have a profound impact on the security landscape of the Republic of Iraq.

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