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SEDEC 2024: Türkiye’s first and only Homeland Security and Border Security Expo opens its gates for the 4th time in Ankara to grow the sector and increase exports

For more than 40 years, while many countries have been organizing exhibitions and events in the scope of the Security Sector. Türkiye launched its first special event for homeland and border security 6 years ago with SEDEC.

SEDEC organized with the support of the Defense Industry Agency (SSB) and the Defence and Aerospace Industry Exporters’ Association (SSI) SEDEC 2024, in the scope of homeland security, is preparing to bring together major players from around the world, institutions and organizations serving in international field with our industrialists in Ankara for the 4th time. SEDEC, which adopts the production of equipment and services used by the requirement authorities, by our industrialists as a priority due to the ever-increasing security demand, will bring together professionals from friendly and allied countries in homeland security, border security, coastal security, city security and defence supply chain at this year’s event. In addition to cyber security, data and information security, satellite technologies, which play a major role in communication, will also take part in the scope of SEDEC 2024 this year. At SEDEC that will be held at Ankara Congresium on 21-23 May 2024, participating companies will have the privilage to participate in workshops, seminars and B2B, B2G, G2Gs that will continue for three days, apart from the conference that covering homeland security, border security, defence supply chain issues on the first day.

Apart from the exhibitors, visitors that serving in the sector will also be able to take part in SEDEC 2024.

Officials and sector professionals from diffrent countries were invited for taking part at SEDEC 2024.

Hilal ÜNAL, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of SEDEC Türkiye, said that they are preparing to host more than 75 country representatives, mainly from Asia, the Pacific and the Middle East, at SEDEC 2024, and specially pointed out that SEDEC is an export-oriented event of strategic importance: “We have concentrated our efforts on the export of systems and equipment that developed in Türkiye to friendly and allied countries in these regions. Our aim is for our industrialists to stand out in countries that produce and export in the security sector, and in this context, we have officially invited competent and large companies such as Boeing, Airbus, Tawazun Holding, Rolls Royce, BAE Systems, KAI, which are among the world’s major players in the field of security and defense, to our event in order to provide an environment for cooperation opportunities.”

Weak Security means Economic Loss

ÜNAL pointed out that SEDEC 2024 has two main objectives for Türkiye and that it is organized to achieve these objectives, ÜNAL said, “With SEDEC 2024, it is aimed to meet all the needs of the Presidency, ministries and their affiliates that provide security and supply chain services in our country in order to provide their services at the highest level and to sustain the needs of R&D and Ur-Ge studies with finished products, semi-finished products, It is aimed for our industrialists producing manufactured products and services to both increase their current exports and develop new export markets.”

ÜNAL also pointed out that Türkiye is a country of strategic importance due to its geographical location and concluded his words as follows:

“Homeland security starts from the borders, our country has strategic importance due to its location considering its land and sea borders. We see the importance of this with the events that occured on our borders every day. Geographically having long land and sea borders with its neighbours, Türkiye today interacts not only with the countries directly have borders with it but also with other countries with distant borders. We have to ensure the security of our borders at the highest level in order to prevent economic losses caused by illegal crossing and smuggling and to prevent socio-economic damages caused by irregular migrants. It should not be forgotten that deterrent and preventive security services are always more economical in the establishment of security.”

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