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Shahpar-II (Block-II) Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (UCAV)

Developed by Pakistan’s largest defense conglomerate, Global Industrial & Defence Solutions (GIDS), Shahpar-II (Block II) is an unmanned aircraft with armed capability. This unmanned aerial vehicle belongs to the Medium Altitude, Long Endurance (MALE) category of UAVs. It is designed to provide Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities, as well as an offensive strike capability with precision-guided munitions.

The Shahpar-II (Block-II) is equipped with a variety of sensors, including electro-optical (EO) and infrared (IR) cameras, as well as synthetic aperture radar (SAR) for all-weather, day-and-night surveillance. The UCAV can transmit real-time video and other data to ground stations, allowing operators to monitor and analyze the information in near-real-time.

It has a modular airframe structural design comprising of advanced composite and metallic hybrid structure with an improved aerodynamic design. Some of the notable features of the Shahpar system include its autonomous take-off and landing system, a robust autopilot scheme, user-friendly and comprehensive mission planning and management software suite, reliable data links, and the capability of integrating various types of EO payloads. EO payloads such as Nahl and Zumr-II are also produced by GIDS and are integrated with Shahpar-II UAV.


Parameters Block II (Surveillance) Block II (Armed)
Endurance 20 hours 12 hours
Service Ceiling 23,000 ft 21,000 ft
Max Speed 220 Km/Hr 220 Km/Hr
Wing Span 31 ft 31 ft
Data Link Range 300Km (LoS) 300Km (LoS)
Data Link Range (SATCOM) 1500Km 1500Km
Weapon System Not applicable Total 4 AGMs. 2x AGMs of 45kg under each wing station


Main Features
  • Improved Aerodynamics & Structure
  • Enhanced Payload Options (i.e., COMINT / ELINT, SAR, EO/IR)
  • SATCOM capable
  • Mid-air Engine restart capability
  • Equipped with ATC transponder / Provision of IFF
  • Provision of internal Pilot
  • Enhanced propulsion system
  • Retractable Landing Gears
  • Asymmetric Landing
  • In Armed configuration, UAV is equipped with a total of 4 Air to Ground Missiles. 2x AGMs / weapon of 45kg under each wing station
  • 3rd party AGM can also be integrated with Shahpar-II keeping in view carriage capacity, and integration feasibility.
Umair Aslam
Umair Aslam is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Global Defense Insight. He has worked as a defense journalist reporting on military modernization programs, defense industry, arms procurement, and emerging technologies.

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