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STM to Carry Out Technological Transformation of NATO’s Intelligence Infrastructure

STM, one of the leading companies in the Turkish defence sector, will develop software system for NATO’s intelligence infrastructure. Intelligence process among all the NATO Commands around the world will be carried out through this system. This project stands as one of the largest software development project ever assigned by NATO to Türkiye.

The NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency), which is responsible for the acquisition, deployment and maintenance of communications and information systems for NATO decision-makers and commanders, has awarded two major contracts regarding the direction, collection, process, dissemination and use of intelligence information within NATO to STM. After completing the evaluation of the commercial and technical proposals received from leading software companies within the NATO member states, the NCI Agency awarded both projects to STM.

Following pre-award discussions, two contracts were signed between STM and the NCI Agency. The INTEL-FS2 Project kick-off meeting was held at the NCI Agency’s headquarters in The Hague, the Netherlands.

STM to ensure intelligence flow among NATO Commands

The projects are officially named as Intelligence Functional Services (INTEL-FS 2) – Spiral 2 and BMD functions in INTEL-FS Backend Services (I2BE) and User Applications (I2UA). The software that will be developed by STM will support the NATO commands in the direction, collection, process, dissemination and use of intelligence information. All NATO Commands and military bases around the world will manage their intelligence flow through the software that STM will develop and modernize. The INTEL-FS2 Projects are scheduled for completion in three and a half years. The INTEL-FS2 projects are notably one of the largest contracts won by a Turkish company from the NCI Agency in terms of the total contract value.

STM to Make Yet Another Breakthrough with INTEL-FS2

STM’s INTEL-FS2 development process will be a break new ground in terms of the technology to be applied and the solutions it will offer. INTEL-FS2 is among the first projects to be developed for NATO under an agile software development methodology approach. The project, which will be developed and run on NATO’s own platform, includes also data integration aspects, and will feature a distributed and extendable structure based on microservices architecture.

Güleryüz: Project to be carried out by Turkish engineers

Commenting on the project, Özgür Güleryüz, General Manager of STM, said that the project represented a very important success for Türkiye in the field of software exports. Noting that they had previously carried out a number of different projects for NATO, one of the leading international organizations in the world, Güleryüz said:

“STM successfully completed the NATO SHAPE Integrated Elasticity Decision Support Model and the NATO Integration Core Project. Building on our capabilities in software development, we will now be ensuring the technological transformation of NATO’s intelligence infrastructure. Through the INTEL-FS2 project the NATO commands will have access to all kinds of intelligence data with modern user interfaces providing high user experience. The entire project will be carried out by Turkish engineers.  We established our project team of about 100 experts

We will develop software services for the back-end, regarding the collection, distribution and use of intelligence information and will concentrate on user applications with modern user interfaces using state-of-the-art technology. INTEL-FS2 will stand as a major integration project that brings together different software systems, and the scalability of the system is very important.

“One of the largest export contract received from NATO in the field of software development”

Güleryüz said that the project would bring considerable experience to STM, including operational capabilities in data analytics applications. He continued: “The experience and knowledge that we will gain through the project will mean that we will always be ready to meet the similar requirements of our national intelligence and security units.” Drawing attention to the export significance of the INTEL-FS2 Projects, Güleryüz said: “It is a source of pride for us that INTEL-FS2 is one of the largest export project that Türkiye has ever received from NATO related to software development. Our engineering experience in defence and informatics will continue contributing to Türkiye’s export targets through high value-added products and solutions.”

STM’s Experience in NATO Projects 

With the goal of “developing the future’s technologies instead of today’s”, STM has previously carried out other major projects for NATO. STM ThinkTech has provided consultancy services for a broad range of customers, including NATO, and civil and local organizations, and has in the past delivered decision support systems to NATO. The NATO SHAPE Integrated Elasticity Decision Support Model developed by STM supports NATO’s decision-making processes in the face of strategic shocks, such as pandemics, large-scale power outages, cyber attacks and mass human migrations, and plays an important role in the accurate analysis of the effects of large-scale complex problems and in the determination of roadmaps established by decision makers.

STM, which also carries out projects for NATO in the field of command and control, has successfully completed the NATO Integration Core (INT-CORE) Project, ensuring the provision of significant support to situational awareness across the battlefield. INT-CORE provides accurate information to decision makers at the right time, and incorporates command and control work processes that can support the distribution of information related to command and control, joint picture, battlefield, missions, etc. STM also delivered the NATO Afghanistan Mission Network Integration Core (AMN INT CORE) Project, and has signed a Goodwill Protocol for collaboration in maritime security with the NATO Maritime Security Centre of Excellence in June 2022.

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