Elbit Systems Receives Order for the 120th Hermes 900 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Elbit Systems has received an order for its 120th Hermes™ 900 Medium-Range Long-Altitude (MALE) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). The family of the Hermes 900 multi-role MALE UAV is Elbit Systems’ largest unmanned...

Elbit Systems Signed a $95 Million Contract to Supply and Maintain Advanced Electro-Optical Systems to the Israeli MOD

Elbit systems announced today that it signed a contract in the amount of approximately $95 million with the Israeli Ministry of Defense (IMoD) to supply and maintain advanced electro-optical systems for...

Israeli foreign minister inaugurates diplomatic office in Morocco

On Thursday, Israel formally opened its diplomatic office in Morocco. As relations with the North African country were normalized last year. It was inaugurated by the foreign minister on the visit. Israeli...

Middle East Turmoil : Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

  Palestinians are the Arab population who are dropped from the land which is controlled by Israel, whereas Israel The world's one Jewish state is Israel, its location is in the Mediterranean...

Israel’s Economic Miracle

Israel’s Economic Miracle Israel’s Economic Miracle is well comprehended in the entire world. If one peeks into the Business world; the multinational corporations or huge ventures belong to Israel. Moving on to...