Middle East Turmoil : Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

  Palestinians are the Arab population who are dropped from the land which is controlled by Israel, whereas Israel The world's one Jewish state is Israel, its location is in the Mediterranean...

U.S Policy over Palestine-Israel Issue

U.S Policy over Palestine-Israel Issue An Israeli court ordered in October 2020 that many Palestinian inhabitants in Sheikh Jarrah, an East Jerusalem neighbourhood, would be evacuated by May 2021 and their land...

The toll of Israeli strikes on Gaza: Mapping the destruction left behind

In May, a substantial and widespread destruction was made to Gaza during the 11-day conflict between Hamas and Israel. Tons of buildings and dozens of roads were sabotaged as shown by the initial United Nations analysis.

Will Kashmir face a fate like Palestine?

Article 370 of the Indian constitution provided Kashmir valley its special status and autonomy in every aspect, expect defense, communication, and foreign affairs. Similarly, article 35A of the same constitution gave...