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What Are Hypersonic Weapons and Who Has Them?

Hypersonic weapons are the latest item in emerging military technologies that have a destabilizing effect on the bilateral, regional and international security environment. The intensity of the Sino-American and Russo-American arms...

US targets Iran’s drone program with sanctions

The US Treasury hit Iran's drone program with sanctions on Friday, boosting pressure on Tehran ahead of the reopening of negotiations on the country's nuclear program. The Treasury said lethal unmanned aerial...

CIA is establishing a new mission to counter China

America's premier intelligence agency, "Central Intelligence Agency - CIA" said to Thursday that, it is creating a new mission to counter China. According to CIA, Currently America is facing biggest...

China aims to target Indian AH-64E attack helicopters with newly deveolped “LY-70” air defense system

Eighth Research Institute of Chinese Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation unveiled a new air defense system “LY-70” at Zhuhai Airshow, 2021. China aims to counter Indian AH-64E apache helicopters, Taiwanese F-16...

Pakistan capable of protecting its nuclear weapons, says U.S Report

According to a Stockholm based think tank, Pakistan has about 155-165 nuclear warheads.

US Navy Creates New Atlantic Destroyer Task Group to Hunt Russian Submarines

The US Navy has created a new task group on the East Coast to ensure it has ready destroyers that can deploy on short notice to counter the Russian submarine threat...