Monday, April 15, 2024

Taliban fighters inching closer to the Islamic Elmirate in Afghanistan as, the key eastern city Jalalabad has fallen to the insurgents.

Taliban Insurgents captured the key city in the east of capital, Jalalabad without any confrontation with government forces, on sunday.

Government officials surrendered so as to avoid tge casualities and Taliban assured safe pasage to the government officials.

Abdul Rashid Dostum and Atta Muhammad Noor, two influential militia leader collaborating with government fled.

With the fall of Jalalabad, Taliban inches close to Kabul, leaving capital in a complete isolation.

Another important city in the North, renowned by the war lord General Dostum, Mizar-e-Shareef has been seized by the insurgents in late on sunday.

As the Taliban entered in the northern city, ANF troops escaped to the Uzbekistan.

Uzbek government latter arrested 84 Afghan soldiers. Troops were injured and asked for help from the neighboring government.

With the fall of Jalalabad, Taliban Insurgents got complete hold over the Highway leading to Peshawar, a provincial capital of Pakistan.

Earlier that day, Afghan President released a recorded message and denied to step down, asking cooperation from international community.

Taliban also released a statement latter the day claiming, Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has been popularly accepted as it is gaining rapidly.

Earlier, the key strategic and second and third largest Provincial Capitals Kandahar and Ghazni has also fallen to the insurgents.

Ghazni is 130 Km from Kabul and Taliban controls the key highway leading to the Kabul.

US government intially feared that the whole country would be fallen to Taliban in 30 days. It is now turning to the matter of days.

American troops have reached to the Afghan Capital to help civilians and embassy personnel to evacuate.

Taking 3000 troops, 2 Marines and 1 Infantry battalions ll be reached in Kabul by Sunday evening.

British and other western states has been sending their troops for their citizens in Afghanistan as the situation turned worse.

British ambassador to Afghanistan ll leave the country in chaos on sunday evening.

Reporter: Usman Zulfiqar Ali

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