THAAD has made its first combat kills, reports Defense News

American Missile Defense System “THAAD” has made 1st operational kill during Houthi attack at Emirati oil facility near Al-Dhafra Air Base on Monday. Terminal High Altitude Air Defense (THAAD), designed and manufactured by American aerospace firm, “Lockheed Martin”.

The attack on UAE was conducted with the help of multiple cruise & ballistic missiles and drones. One such medium range ballistic missile was destroyed by THAAD. Destruction of an Houthi ballistic missile was initially reported by Defense News.

THAAD systems are deployed in United States, South Korea and various parts of Middle East including Qatar and United Arab Emirates. As per Lockheed Martin,

THAAD defends against short, medium, and intermediate-range ballistic missiles. It provides a unique endo-and exo-ballistic defense capability and was specifically designed to provide a robust capability against mass raid.

THAAD system
Terminal High Altitude Air Defense ©️ Lockheed Martin


Houthi Forces conducted attacks near  Al Dhafra Air Base, where US, French and Emirati troops are deployed. U.S. Central Command on Friday confirmed “a potential inbound threat” had forced U.S. service members at Al-Dhafra into their bunkers, in a “heightened alert posture” for about 30 minutes Sunday night. Airmen were directed to keep their protective gear close for 24 hours afterwards.

Satellite Imagery of Al Dhafra Air Base ©️ Maxar Technologies / Global Defense Insight
Umair Aslam
Umair Aslam is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Global Defense Insight. He has worked as a defense journalist reporting on military modernization programs, nuclear non-proliferation, arms control, and the South Asian Arms race.

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