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The Coming US-China War Over Taiwan

The balance of power around Taiwan is fundamentally altering as tensions between China and the United States escalate, driving the situation into a hazardous new phase. China’s increasingly hostile stance on US backing for Taiwan is becoming a challenge.

Here are some warning indicators of China’s impending assault on Taiwan.

First, China utilized a pressure method to modify Taiwan’s conduct as in October 2021, when around 150 Chinese military planes entered Taiwan’s air buffer zone.

According to some analysts, the PLA Air Force is pushing the Taiwanese air force to fly excessively, which wears down the pilots in Taiwan because their equipment is always in use. Meanwhile, China has been accused of launching misinformation efforts on social media platforms such as Facebook.

The expected goal of China’s misinformation campaign is to discredit Taiwan’s own government and to create distrust among its society.

Second, younger Taiwanese are becoming increasingly disconnected from mainland China. A rising proportion of people identify as solely Taiwanese, according to public opinion. They haven’t considered any ties to China.

Beijing is concerned about this act of disobedience because it makes them more pessimistic about achieving their aim of peaceful unity. If all of this hope fades, China’s danger of resorting to force will increase.

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Third, increased US backing for Taiwan is inflaming China’s resentment, and the US administration has been giving contradictory signals. When President Joe Biden stated that the United States would protect Taiwan against a Chinese assault, he appeared to be departing from a long-held US policy.

It approved the sale of 750 million dollars’ worth of arms to Taiwan. China has also been irritated by Taiwan’s invitation to a democracy summit and its backing for wider engagement by Taiwan and UN agencies.

It concerns China that Taiwan might be able to find a method for other nations to recognize Taiwan’s claim to be an independent sovereign state separate from China.

Fourth, China has been amassing a military force that is highly formidable. China boasts the world’s biggest coast guard, and its navy possesses the world’s most advanced cruise and ballistic missile programs. It boasts one of the greatest air forces in the world, and its technology is rapidly improving.

China is also fast testing a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile capable of traveling at more than five times the speed of sound. Their ability to maneuver quickly makes it challenging for early warning systems, missile defense systems, and air defense systems to intercept them.

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Fifth, Beijing is reliant on high-tech microchips that are employed in almost every gadget. Because of Taiwan’s advanced semiconductor sector, it may also be able to take over the country. China does not want to be in the position that Japan was in during WWII.

The US oil embargo on Japan forced it to seek alternative energy supplies, forcing it to look to its neighbors, a reason for war in the Pacific. Tensions between China and Taiwan are at their worst level in 40 years, and many fear the world’s largest and most devastating conflict.

Although others argue that any fight would be too costly for China because of the immediate costs of armed combat, the more Xi Jinping believes he can push Taiwan’s the more tempting that prospect becomes reality.

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