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The Pakistan’s Successful Encounters During the Afghan War

During the Afghan War in which nine fighter squadrons of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) took part actively, the PAF logged 10939 sorties entailing 13275:40 hours. A total of 2476 enemy air violations were recorded involving 7589 enemy aircraft. During these violations, and as a result of the bombing that was carried out, 418 civilians lost their lives while 877 received injuries. Eight enemy aircraft were shot down by six different pilots, all belonging to F-16 squadrons.

Pair of Russian Su-22 Down over Parachinar

Sqn Ldr Hameed Qadri beside the wing of Su-22 that he shot down on 17 May, 1988
Sqn Ldr Hameed Qadri beside the wing of Su-22 that he shot down on 17 May 1986

On 15th May 1986, Sqn Ldr Hameed Qadri of PAF’s elite No. 9 Sqn Shot down 2 Afghan Su-22 fighter aircraft over Parachinar. PAF awarded Sitara-i-Bisalat to Sqn Ldr Hameed Qadri. One Su-22 was the victim of an AIM-9L missile while another was down by  20 mm (0.787 in) M61A1 Vulcan cannon.


Shooting Down a Ferret

On 30th March 1987, Wing Commander Abdul Razzaq shot down an AN-26 believed to be an ECM aircraft. He along with his wingman Sqn Ldr Sikander Hayat fired AIM-9L sidewinders on the target and both missiles hit their target. Both pilots belonged to No. 9 Sqn of Pakistan Air Force. Wing Commander Abdur Razzaq was later martyred in an air crash in 2003.


Badar Shoots Down a Su-22

On 16th April 1987, Sqn Ldr Badr Ul Islam shot down a Russian Su-22 near Thal desert. Sqn Ldr Badr Ul Islam claimed two kills but after examining all the evidence the PAF awarded him one kill. Sqn Ldr Badr Ul Islam belonged to No. 14 Sqn of Pakistan Air Force. The same Sqn served in East Pakistan during the Indo-Pak wars of 1965 and 1971.


Shooting Down the First Soviet Aircraft

On 4th August 1988, Sqn Ldr Athar Bokhari Shot down a Su-25 fighter aircraft assigned to the Soviet Union. This was the first soviet fighter jet to be downed by Pakistan Air Force. The pilot of the downed soviet aircraft was identified as Colonel Alexander Rutskoi who later became the vice president of the Russian Federation.


Shooting Down Two MiG-23 Aircraft

On 12th September 1988, Flt Lt Khalid Mahmood shot down 2 MiG-23s,  South of Chitral.


Hat Trick for Sqn Ldr Khalid Mahmood

On 3rd November 1988, Sqn Ldr Khalid Mahmood shot down a Su-22, West of Thal. This time, he fired two AIM-9L missiles toward intruding afghan aircraft.


PAF’s Individual Performance During Afghan War:

During Afghan War, No 9 Sqn shot down 3 enemy aircraft while No. 14 Sqn shot down 5 enemy aircraft including 2 MiG-23, 2 Su-22, and one Su-25.


During Afghan War, No. 15 and No 26 Sqn flew 2521 & 2479 sorties respectively.

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