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Third Russian Military Plane Mishap in a Week



In the Astrakhan area on Wednesday nightfall a Russian MiG-29 fighter crashed. It is the third such occurrence containing a Russian military aircraft crashing in a week. Pilot of that MiG-29 died in the mishap. The plane was doing a regular exercise operation when the ill-fated event happened, media office of the Southern Military District reported.

The event happened four days after a Be-200 crashed, and just a day after an Ilyushin Il-112V military transportation aircraft sample encountered with a parallel fate. A commission of the Main Expertise of the Russian Aerospace Forces has been posted to the location to learn what triggered the crash. The former was positioned in Turkey for a fire combat assignment when the mishap happened. All eight people aboard died in the event. The Ilyushin jet, that was intended to change Antonov An-26, also crashed during a test flight, killing three crew members within a week.

Nearly the most recent lethal crashes in Russia comprise of the December 2016 disaster, which saw a military plane go into the Black Sea after it took off from Sochi International Airport, killing 92 people, that included 64 members of the army choral group on their way to Syria to sing for Russian soldiers. Such Plane crashes are not rare in Russia, and recent tragedies have stimulated demands for resolutions. Team GDI says that these plane crashes also highlight Russian unprofessional safety record that needs to be improved very fast on a huge scale so that such mishaps do not take place.

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