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Trans-Port 2023 Congress: The maritime-port industry as part of multiple ecosystems

The IX International Congress Trans-Port 2023 to be held on Wednesday, July 26 at the Metropolitan Santiago convention center, has convened this year the maritime, port and foreign trade logistics industry to reflect on the challenges of “Net Zero – Digital: Building new standards for a transport and foreign trade ecosystem”. The opening ceremony will be held with the participation of the President of the Congress and Minister of Transport and Telecommunications, Juan Carlos Muñoz.

The new version of Trans-Port 2023 will include representatives from Europe, from countries such as Denmark, Spain, Germany, France and the Netherlands. From the Americas, the event highlights representatives from the United States, Brazil and Uruguay, among others.

The congress program includes a first plenary session entitled “Integral challenges between logistics ecosystems, territories and the environment”, with two international speakers representing the port and logistics cities of Barcelona and Rotterdam.

The program will continue interspersed with six panels called “Trans-Port Talks” (3) and “Trans-Port Dialogues” (3), which will include keynote speeches reflecting national and international developments, with reflections from industry experts, which will continue with rounds of questions coordinated by a moderator.

The Trans-Port talks will address three important topics of global impact for the maritime-port industry: the transition process towards decarbonization, cybersecurity in the digital transformation, and the use of high-capacity simulators for planning complex operations.

The first talk will be the panel “From Strategy to Practice. How Net-Zero is incorporated into the business of maritime and logistics ecosystems”, which will be given by a representative of The Global Maritime Forum from Denmark. The second talk will address the panel “Using Emerging Technology to Minimize Port and Supply Chain Security Risks,” by Hudson Analytix from the United States. Finally, the third and last talk will address the topic “New planning and management capabilities driven by Digital Twin ports”, which will be given by the University of Hamburg, Germany.

For its part, the Trans-Port Dialogues develop the regulatory, digital and operational challenges of the three main ecosystems that make up the international logistics chain of maritime and land operations, with emphasis on the situation in Chile.

The first dialogue will focus on discussing the challenge “Facing disruptive maritime events with greater public-private coordination and collaborative technologies”. The second dialogue will contribute ideas and trends towards “New collaborative frontiers at the port land interface”. Finally, the third dialogue will contribute to improving the logistics performance of foreign trade by “Increasing the ability to synchronize intermodal services between ports, modes and shippers”.

The congress will end with a networking meeting, where attendees will be able to exchange ideas, opinions and establish business relationships and networking contacts, being the ideal space between supply and demand of the industry, knowing new opportunities for innovation and development of the sector.

Umair Aslam
Umair Aslam is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Global Defense Insight. He has worked as a defense journalist reporting on military modernization programs, defense industry, arms procurement, and emerging technologies.

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