Saturday, September 30, 2023

Türkiye Welcomes New Unmanned Surface Vessel “ULAQ KAMA” to its Defense Arsenal

Türkiye’s defense industry witnesses a groundbreaking development as ARES Shipyard and Meteksan Defense jointly unveil the latest addition to the ULAQ Family, the ULAQ KAMA Expendable Unmanned Surface Vessel. With the changing geopolitical landscape and the need for powerful deterrence capabilities, the ULAQ KAMA aims to be a dominant force in the seas, offering a low-cost solution with high impact power. The vessel’s primary purpose is to establish peace and stability by deterring potential threats and, if necessary, responding with kinetic force.

ULAQ KAMA is not only a potent deterrent with its explosive payload but also functions as an Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR) platform, thanks to its advanced communication network, long-range capabilities, and exceptional sea worthiness. The vessel’s unique features provide operational decision-makers with new and asymmetric options, instilling trust among allies and fear among foes.

In their joint statement, Utku Alanç, CEO of ARES Shipyard, and Selçuk Kerem Alparslan, President of Meteksan Defense, expressed their pride in expanding the ULAQ Family with Türkiye’s first armed unmanned surface vessel. They emphasized the importance of the ULAQ KAMA in defending the nation’s blue homeland and maritime interests. The production infrastructure has been optimized to deliver more than 100 ULAQ KAMAs to end-users in less than a year, highlighting the country’s commitment to enhancing its defense capabilities.

Fatima Zainab
Fatima Zainab is the Co-Cheif Executive Officer (Co-CEO) of Global Defense Insight. She studies Nuclear & Strategic Studies at the National Defence University (NDU). She is an IBM Certified Cybersecurity Analyst. Her areas of interest cover Cyber Warfare, Contemporary Security Studies, and International Politics.

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