Turkiye’s Missiles: ATMACA Anti-Ship Cruise Missile


ATMACA is an anti-ship cruise missile co-developed by “Roketsan” and “Aselsan”. Turkiye indigenously developed this cruise missile to replace already existing American Harpoon Anti-Ship cruise missiles in the Turkish inventory. It is a subsonic missile with sea-skimming and land attack capabilities. This missile carries a 220 kg warhead.

This missile system features multiple specifications including Low Radar Cross Section, High Precision, Operable in All Weather Conditions as well as Resistant to Countermeasures. The current ATMACA can also be deployed from a land-based platform against naval targets. Turkey is also working on a submarine-launched variant of the ATMACA cruise missile.

Turkiye will equip its Ada-class corvettes, the Istanbul-class frigates, and TF-2000 class destroyers with ATMACA anti-ship missiles. Submarine-launched variant will be deployed with U-214TN Reis class AIP submarines. Integration of new missiles also requires new software or Combat Management System (CMS). In order to provide the Turkish Naval Forces Command with the anti-ship missiles it requires, the ATMACA Guided Missile Project was started in 2009. TCG Kinaliada conducted the initial ship-launched test on November 3, 2019.


Technical Specifications: 

  • Length: 4.3–5.2 m
  • Weight < 750 kg
  • Range > 220 km
  • Warhead: High Explosive, Effective Penetration, Fragmentation
  • Warhead Weight: 220 kg
  • Guidance: Inertial Navigation System + Global Positioning System + Barometric Altimeter + Radar Altimeter




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