Saturday, September 30, 2023

UAE’s EDGE Group Expands Footprint in Brazil’s Defense Industry

EDGE Group, UAE’s leading Defense technology company, has strengthened its presence in Brazil amid growing cooperation between the two countries. The EDGE Group consists of more than 20 entities working in the development of four key technology areas: Platforms & Systems, Missiles & Weapons, Electronic Warfare & Cyber Technologies, and Trading & Mission Support. The group’s product catalog includes precision munitions, autonomous systems, naval, and land systems, small arms, electronic warfare, intelligence, training, MRO, and cyber technologies.

In April this year, the EDGE group announced the establishment of its LATAM office in Brasilia, Brazil’s capital. The announcement was made at the LAAD Defense and Security Expo 2023 held in Rio de Janeiro. The group showcased 50 of its products and solutions during the Expo and signed several agreements with Brazilian aerospace and defense companies.

During LAAD 23, EDGE and Akkaer, a Brazilian aerospace company signed an MoU on combining expertise for delivery of critical capabilities. Similarly, an MoU was signed on technological cooperation with SIATT, which specializes in smart weapons and integration. Another MoU was signed with Condor, a non-lethal equipment and ammunition manufacturer, for joint exploration of business opportunities in Brazil and UAE. A fourth MoU was signed with Kryptus on Cyber-Security and encryption technologies.

A Strategic Partnership Agreement was also signed between EDGE and Brazilian Navy for the joint development of missiles. This initial signing was followed by a formal agreement in June after which the two sides will engage in the development and testing of a long-range anti-ship missile and associated technologies including anti-jamming capability.

On 3rd August 2023, a high-level Brazilian Marine Corps delegation visited EDGE group headquarters and facilities in Abu Dhabi. The delegation was briefed on the latest developments and observed live demonstrations of various products. This signifies the growing partnership between the two sides as Admiral Rogerio Ramos Lage, Brazilian Marine Corps Material Commander, remarked, “The live demonstrations of EDGE’s wide range of technologies and solutions show many areas for future collaboration, which will strengthen the partnership between the Brazilian Navy and EDGE.”

The most recent development is the signing of a strategic partnership between EDGE and Turbomachine, a Brazilian aero-engine manufacturer. The agreement will result in joint development of gas turbine engines and plasma assisted combustion solutions for UAV and missile platforms offered by EDGE.

These developments are a result of strengthening UAE-Brazil ties, catalyzed by Brazilian President Lula’s visit to UAE this year. Brazil is UAE’s biggest trading partner in the Latin America with a trade figure of $5.7 Billion dollars in 2022. Both countries are looking to enhance trade and investment and increase cooperation in technology, renewable energy, climate change, defense, food and more. Brazil is also supporting UAE’s bid to join BRICS.

Author: Muhaimin Zia is a student of Mechanical Engineering at National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST). He has keen interest in global defense industry and weapon systems.

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