Wednesday, September 27, 2023

UK and Russia ambassadors restaging a WWII image

The Russian ambassador and the British ambassador to Iran have enraged the state by reconstructing a World War II photo of Joseph Stalin and Winston Churchill, when Iran was under Allied occupation.

The Russian embassy released the photo of the two diplomats remembering a famous picture of the wartime leaders in 1943. Foreign minister of Iran called the photo as “extremely inappropriate”. In 1943, Iran was under the control of Russian and British forces. Ambassadors say it was just to pay homage to Allies efforts against Nazi Regime. Foreign Minister of Iran Mohammad Javad Zarif ran a response of criticism, calling the picture “extremely inappropriate”. “Need I remind all that August 2021 is neither August 1941 nor December 1943,” he wrote on Twitter.

Russian embassy said this was an “ambiguous reaction” to the photo, also telling it “does not have an anti-Iranian context”. “The only meaning that this photo has is to pay tribute to the joint efforts of the allied states against Nazism during the second world war,” it said on Twitter. This shows that Twitter Diplomacy is stronger than ever as Officials from all states are using it to raise arguments and answer them. Diplomacy is indeed a new way of conflict, this new photo may lead to further problems in relations of Britain and Russia with Iran.

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