Who is Mullah Baradar: Likely new Afghan President under Taliban Regime

Who is Mullah Baradar:

Mullah Baradar is an Afghan revolutionary who was one of the founders of the Taliban in Afghanistan in addition to the deputy of its leader, Mohammed Omar. He is well-known by the name Mullah Baradar, which means ‘brother’ or Mullah Brother. A team of Inter-Services Intelligence and Central Intelligence Agency officers in February 2010 captured him and was released on 24 October 2018 at the demand of the United States.

He was born in the year 1968 at the Weetmak village of Deh Rahwod District in Uruzgan Province of Afghanistan. He is a Durrani Pashtun of the Sadozai community which is a sub-tribe of Popalzai. Mohammed Omar and Mullah Baradar became associates as soon as they were teenagers. He battled the 1980s in the Soviet-Afghan War in Kandahar, serving as deputy to Omar in a group of Afghan mujahideen next to the Soviet-backed Afghan administration. He was supposedly governor of Herat and Nimruz outlying areas. A random U.S. State Department text lists him as the previous Deputy Chief of Army Staff or Commander of Central Army Corps, Kabul even though Interpol positions he was the Deputy Minister of Defense of Taliban.

October 2018 saw the Taliban set that Pakistan freed Baradar. He was then appointed to be the chief of the Taliban’s diplomatic office in Doha, Qatar. Washington’s distinct representative Zalmay Khalilzad proclaimed that Baradar was freed at the demand of the United States. It was thought that Baradar will turn out to be the president of Afghanistan next to the revolution of the administration of Ashraf Ghani by the Taliban in August 2021. Yesterday, Baradar came back to Afghanistan for the first time since the fall of the original Taliban government in 2001. Global defense Insight suggests that as Mullah Baradar helped in the Peace talks at Doha, he will be an integral part of the future of Afghanistan.

Subsequent Prospects of Afghan Politics

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