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7 killed, 140 injured in protests against Sudan military coup


In Sudan, at least seven people have been killed while 140 wounded in clashes between security forces and the protesters opposing a military takeover in Khartoum.

Protesters staged demonstrations after the armed forces dissolved civilian rule, arrested Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok, and proclaimed a state of emergency.

General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, the coup leader, abolished the military-civilian Sovereign Council, which had been established to steer the nation toward democracy following the toppling of the long-standing leader Omar al-Bashir in a popular revolt two years earlier.

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Al-Burhan, who is also the leader of the power-sharing executive council, announced a state of emergency throughout the country, citing the necessity for the military forces to guarantee security. In July 2023, he vowed to organize elections and transfer power to a civilian administration elected by the people.

Meanwhile, The US, UK, and Norwegian governments released a statement late Monday night expressing serious concern about the situation, denouncing the suspension of democratic institutions and urging for the release of those detained.

The so-called Troika nations stated in a joint statement that the military’s actions “reflect a betrayal of the revolution, the transition, and the legitimate desires of the Sudanese people for peace, justice, and economic progress.”

Hamdok, a technocratic prime minister who was appointed in 2019, is an economist and a top UN official.

Thousands of Sudanese protesters flocked to the streets in Khartoum, where they were met by gunshots near the military headquarters. Protesters in Omdurman blocked streets and chanted in favor of civilian control.

Also, Sudan’s biggest opposition coalition, the Forces of Freedom and Change, has called for civil disobedience and rallies across the nation, demanding that the transitional military council hand over authority to the civilian administration.

Since last month, when a failed coup plan claimed on al-Bashir loyalists sparked recriminations between the military and civilians in the transitional administration, the country has been on edge.

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