A historic constant : WAR


A historic constant : WAR

The world as we know it today did not reach to this place abruptly. Many things have evolved throughout the history. The concept of city states to kingdoms to empires to modern day states is a good example.

Knowledge is changing and now we know more than any other civilization before us. So, what is the difference or the similarity present among all these ages?

In short, everything has changed as far as many religions appeared and disappeared but one thing is constant, war. From the beginning of time till now war was there and still is.

War happens when two parties are in conflict with one another. They may oppose each other altogether or even the idea of a leader can lead to a conflict, beginning war. Parties can be more than two as everyone has a stake in conflicts.

Ancient wars like Fight by King Scorpion (I) against King “Taurus”, Hor-Aha’s Nubia Battle in Egypt, Creation of the Akkadian Empire in Mesopotamia, Conflicts among Babylonians, Sumerians and Israelites, the rise and fall of Roman Empire and the war among Greeks and Persians.

Campaigns of Vikings in Europe, Conquests of Muslims all around and the Crusades are all what have given shape to modern day world in one way or another.

Relevance to Modern World Politics:
The French wars have shaped the separation of politics and religion in Europe which resulted in Capitalist way of life. The World wars and Cold war basically made our world bipolar and unipolar for some time. Middle East is kind of the epicenter of all conflicts in the globe.

Syrian Civil war and the never ending unrest in Middle East is the breeding ground for Multipolar world to practice their latest weapon technology. Nuclear Deterrence is now in works thus not letting any major power in Globe to go all-out war against each other like it happened previously.
In the current Era of Multilateral Cooperation, Economic growth and Diplomacy we see many conflicts happening all around the world.

Conflicts have changed to gain of resources but they are making a bubble. This bubble is growing huge day by day unsure of when it pops, if it explodes it may lead to a new Global Order. A historic constant : WAR was there in the beginning and will be there when everything ends.

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