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Afghanistan Accusations and the Response

Afghanistan Accusations and the Response

Tremendous reply from the military and political establishment of Pakistan to Afghanistan. PM Imran Khan clear cut replied Ghani, for blaming Pakistan about the Afghanistan Situation.

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President Ghani accused Pakistan that it supports Taliban to capture the Southern and western districts of Afghanistan. Few days ago Afghan Deputy President Amrullah Saleh (former NDS head) tweeted a warning from PAF to Afghan Air Force that if any operation happens in the border area of Chaman, Pakistan Air Force will retaliate.

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Reaction of Pakistan:

Afghan President Ghani also blamed Pakistan that over 10000 Jihadist entered in Afghan territory from Pakistan. This created a mess in Afghanistan. These terrorists took aid from other groups in Afghanistan.

Imran Khan told President Ghani that there is no way Pakistan could have helped these terrorists. Pakistan is the state that is most affected from this war on terror. About 70 thousand lives are lost in this war, in addition with Hundred and thirty-billion-dollar loss.

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So, it is unfair to blame Pakistan. Pakistan is the only state which was and is loyal to the peace building in Afghanistan. We took military action against Taliban in our Territory. We are interested in a Peaceful and Friendly Afghanistan.

Not just political leadership but also the Military leadership of Pakistan retaliate against these accusations from Afghan President and Deputy President. Prolocutor of Pakistan Air Force abolished the blames from Saleh that PAF warned Afghan Air Force to revoke the Air operation in the border area. Foreign Office of Pakistan asked that we welcome any effort which eradicate the terrorism (it is against the UN charter to take aerial operation in border area).

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Also the DG ISI asked that we have not any favoritism to any faction in Afghanistan. Rather we want peaceful and stable Afghanistan. A stable Afghanistan is very important for the region, especially for the Pakistan. We want peace between all the factions that are in fight in Afghanistan. The allegations are not on the solid evidence. We are not interfering in Afghanistan.

What can be the Solution:

Pakistan has very important character in Afghan peace building. Rather to blame each other for this situation, everybody and all parties involved must take their part for the peace building. Now Taliban have gained almost 90 percent of Afghan territory with key crossing points such as with Iran, Turkmenistan and also the Chaman border with Pakistan.

First of all, there should be cease fire between the Taliban and Afghan forces. Acceleration of the Reconciliation process must be promoted to help to prevent more casualties. Any government that comes in Afghanistan on Gun Point without the consensus of Afghan people will have very lethal effects on the region specially.

Pakistan and other regional states prohibit in the Moscow summit that they would not accept the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Rather, the peaceful and democratic government with the consensus of Afghan people should be established in Afghanistan.

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All states should call a conference for peace building in Afghanistan. Pakistan and other powers must use their influence over Taliban and call them for Political settlement rather than military. As Ghani said in his speech there is not just Mega but Giga watt of energy here in Afghanistan.

So this hub should be used for the peace building, development not for the destruction and terrorism. A peaceful and stable Afghanistan is good for all, not just for the development and peace in Pakistan but also for this South and Central Asian region and also for the world. Afghanistan Accusations and the Response

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