Afghans are waking up to a new leadership


Afghans are waking up to a new leadership. The seizure of Afghanistan capital i. e. Kabul, by the Afghan Taliban has come up with new leadership in Afghanistan (that might be Taliban and certain inclusion of others).

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There are certain concerns as well challenges faced by the Taliban and people as well in Afghanistan. People are concerned about their safety and there are concerns regarding the future of Afghanistan.


“Islamic Emirate has ordered its Mujahedeen and once again instructed them that no one is allowed to enter anyone’s house without permission. Life, property, and honor of none should be harmed but must be protected by Mujahideen”, said Suhail Shaheen. 


 Moreover, 60 states have so far called the Afghan Taliban to evacuate people with no harm. In addition to the above many International Airlines have stopped flying into Kabul and all over Afghanistan.


Some people are also concerned about the freedom of women while the Taliban have said to protect the civil rights of everyone. Interestingly many people are also well-coming to the Taliban regime in Afghanistan.


There are now three types of people in Afghanistan and other states i.e. 1st those who see the Taliban with a positive approach, 2nd those who are criticizing the Taliban, and 3rd those who are just watching the situation and are silent.

Author: Usama Hijazi

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