Banning Culture


Banning Culture


If some cars experience accidents, would the whole transport system be blocked down? This analogy perfectly fits to the present-day situation.

In a country where fluctuating progress is seldom obstructed by the system. IT, one of many departments not living fullest to its potential. Things like banning YouTube, shortly after the subsequent ban on PUBG, maybe the final nail in coffin.

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The recent bans were quickly met with huge backlash and resistance, including Ch. Fawad tweeting” Well I am against all kinds of general bans, such attitude is killing tech industry we cannot afford such bans”. SAPM Tania Aidrus was also not in favors of ban on YouTube by supporting from economic lens that banning YouTube was “not a solution”. Emphasizing how the platform had led to the creation of thousands of jobs over the years.

The aftermath would be multi- dimensional. Its repercussions also shadowing the social realm. It would affect many aspects on which society has adapted i.e. to learn new beneficial skills, to spread certain ideologies etc.

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The vague justification behind it was PTA cannot remove objectionable content but can only report it, said Justice Masher Alam in court. With the addition that it is banned in many countries (4-5 to be exact while also having alternatives ).

He also mentioned weather anyone would dare post something against the US or EU(Hassan Minhaj, Trevor Noah to name few millionaire celebrities who got their fame by criticizing the system or even making jokes of them.) This will only complicate matters further, with the contextual notion that many apps i.e. Instagram, Facebook also share the same problem. If this methodology is initiated, one knows where it will lead to.

The past ban had many by-products, from huge IT companies deciding to withdraw or not invest(Pay-Pal) at all, to the streaming culture being left behind.

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The Culture Ban is to sweep under the carpet, and will serve no purpose and is best in a short term solution. The bigger picture lying in formulating the ground policies and specific institutions for these kinds of purposes. But even if things go right, the question still remains.
Is Banning Culture the best solution, the personnel of elite institutions can come up with?

Author:Mustafa Shah



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