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Defence and Strategic Studies in IR

Defence and Strategic Studies in IR:

As the world is now globally very interactive and almost all states are connected to each other one way or another. International Relations play an important role in understanding the theory and practice of states and International Organisations as well as individuals. As many new concepts are emerging from these interactions between states.


Defence and Strategic Studies is one of the concept that was present in the International Arena way before there was any proper international system as we know it today. From the time of Greek City states their interactions to Rise and Fall of Rome and through Wars among Babylonian and Sumerian Civilizations to the countless battles like Crimean wars, World wars, Cold war, Afghan war and current Middle Eastern wars and common among them throughout history is that we see some sort of Strategy involved by an individual or an army and some kind of Defence by both forces.

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The strategy of states mostly come from their leader either a king or a monarch and name like Sun Tzu is still considered to be a top strategist and his teachings are still applicable in this world order. In the modern times of Globalisation with more than 190 states on the world map, it is the strategy that they adopt for their survival and growth in the region and defend themselves from any threats that may originate from within the state or outside the state.

We learn about the background and consideration of all the theories and all philosophies of contemporary strategic thoughts which are significant shaping the international politics in the current Complex World Politics.

Thus, we can say that DSS in IR as important as oxygen is to lungs and blood is to heart. Though it is being studied in academics after World War II as strategy and defence was mostly used in this war and the current global arena has originated afterwards.

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