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European Union: The impacts of Brexit on the EU

European Union: The impacts of Brexit on the EU


Brexit is the nickname of “British Exit” from the European Union (EU). In simple words, Brexit is the withdrawal of the United Kingdom. The European Union (EU) is an economic and political Union among 27 European States. The United Kingdom was also one of its members . On 23rd June 2016, the people of the United Kingdom voted to leave European Union through a referendum, and officially the UK left the European Union in January 2020. In order to know the main goal of the article, we will address following points in this paper: Brexit is an action against Globalization, the rise of anti-European Union political forces, and the impacts on food and agriculture.

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Brexit is the action against globalization: 

Somehow, The UK has given signal that free trade without any barrier is not favorable for the independence of one state. They could have thought that staying in the European Union would be against the sovereignty. For example, they have left the biggest market in the world. They are going away from free trade deals with 90 countries that cover 70% of the trade. This action is against many opportunities and leads to a lack of cooperation. 

The EU is assumed to be a powerful tool to protect the citizens of European Countries. The 27 states can achieve numerous tasks and tackle the challenges. As an example, you can check the data which shows the achievement of the EU. The data shows the gross domestic product (GDP) in the European Union from 2009 to 2020 shows that in 2020 the GDP in the EU amounted to around 13.3 trillion euros. The achievements of the EU can be example for the rest of the world to promote globalization. But now, this might be a dream after the action of the UK. As the Director of the European think tank said, “Brexit is a momentous event in the history of Europe and, from now on, the narrative will be one of disintegration, not integration.” 

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The rise of anti-European Union political forces:

Some political forces exist in its member states. They are opposed to increasing the European Union named as “Eurosceptic.” They are a potential threat that may change the nature of the European Union by creating situations to leave the EU. The political parties are in Austria, France, Germany, and Italy. They are against foreigners and the immigration system of the EU. 

The political forces have view that immigrants and foreigners are responsible for different terror and illegal works. They also believe them as a burden on their economies. These types of threats are also present in the UK that raised Brexit on another level. So, In the future, the anti-European Union perspective can create disintegration among the members of the European Union. 

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Food and Agriculture:

European food and agricultural sector will be one of the sectors most affected by Brexit. The United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union has vast effects on food, farming, fishing, etc. Euro news has reported many problems of food producers and other traders. This situation can also increase the prices. The Belgian Supermarket, now looking towards Ireland instead of Britain for supplies. The parliamentary report of The UK on March 23 notes that the food producers are facing different barriers with the EU in the form of health measures, extra paperwork, etc. 

Also, some small businesses are suffering from bureaucratic procedures and transport costs. According to wicked Leeks, the vegetable box scheme supplier, British grower imports 80% of their seeds, and it will be difficult to source legacy and biological varieties in adequate quantities. Exporters from the EU may decide that the rules and regulations are not favorable. This decision will stop selling to UK customers altogether.


Internationally, Impacts of the Brexit are considered as hot topic. They are not only affecting the European Union but also globalization and integration in the world. As we know Today, the world is becoming a global village. If an incident takes place in a small part of the world, its effects go across boundaries.  So, the EU should work prudently on the system and make it an example for the rest of the countries. Then, this example will be a path towards cooperation and globalization in the world.

  By Irfan Amir

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