Nigeria In Deep Chaos


Nigeria In Deep Chaos

Nigeria is significantly located in South West Africa. It faces tremendous waves of several overlapping crises internally from extremist insurgency of Boko Haram, lack of rule of law to kidnapping of citizens which includes students and business community and almost every part of the state is facing violence and crime but government of President Buhari has miserably failed to stop such violent events.

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What is The Problem:

The state is densely populated in forests of Africa where state institutions fail to govern and implement rule of law. Unfortunately, state is helpless to rescue abducted citizens from hands of militants hiding in these dense forests. In fact human lives lost has almost permanently damaged the faith of people in government and state machinery is uncertainly diminishing.

Since, President Muhammad Buhari took charge of office in 2015, he promised to protect citizens from terrorists and criminal gangs. Unfortunately that seems kind of a dream to many and less than two years left of his final term in Presidential office and the state is still unstable than it has been in decade.

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The Government:

President Buhari admits his government failed to stop insurgency and separatism that began in North East. Surprisingly he had announced that Boko Haram been defeated but it still poses severe threats to common citizens and deep infiltrated Nigerian society with extremist ideology. According to UN report “Boko Haram killed more than 350,000 people and forced millions to migrate”.

Unfortunately, revival of insurgency and separatism is an outcome of federal government failure to provide security of Nigerians and political figures, Namandu and Sunday Igoho pose extreme danger to Nigerian government as they are different ethnically but share some goals including an enemy in the federal government.

There had violent disputes for years over use of land and water as well as grazing routes which have been damaged by climate change and the spread of Sahara desert, thousands of people have been killed over limited resources but federal government failed to provide concrete solution to many issues those exists in Nigerian society.

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Nigerian government will have to disarm entire society to reduce violence and killing of ordinary people. It needs to bring separatist leaders Nmandu and Sunday Igoho along with  leaders of Boko Haram to negotiation table in order to end abduction of its citizens for ransom put an end to chaos in the society. There is dire need to tighten the nose over borders particularly with Chad, Niger and South Atlantic Ocean to stop financial, logistical and weaponry support of Boko Haram and other groups. President Buhari must assure Nigerian public through actions that protection of their lives is government ultimate objective. Buhari government must provide interest free loans to its youth to fight poverty and reduce illiteracy rate and bring reforms in state institutions to fight corruption and accountability in order to strengthen state machinery which will result to reduce instability and rule of law will get improved.

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