From Mayday Saigon to Mayday Kabul; Tale of Wars Abandoned by US

  The history of the United States of America is filled with conflicts and battles. From east to west the American forces have been seen on fronts with one group or another....

Taliban’s Special Forces: Badri 313 unit secures the capital Kabul

The Afghan Taliban’s NATO-like soldiers wearing American tactical gear are famous nowadays. The group has demonstrated its "high weaponry capability" and preparedness to engage in war. Its social media team has...

Pakistan International Airline (PIA) dismissed ‘Flight operation

Pakistan International Airline (PIA) dismissed 'Flight operation" to evacuate Foreigners from Kabul. PIA had start  the operation to evacuate all the Foreigners in Afghanistan, after the Taliban took control of Kabul. Read more: Afghan...

Kabul airport reopens day after chaotic scenes

Kabul airport reopens day after chaotic scenes. Just a day after chaotic scenes at the airport, military flights evacuating diplomats and civilians have re-started in Kabul's international airport. Read: US Withdrawal: What...

US Troops arrived in Kabul to assist staff evacuation

US Troops arrived in Kabul to assist staff evacuation: While Taliban has taken the key strategic Provincial Capitals of Kandahar on Friday. American troops have reached the Afghan Capital to help...