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The Game Of Great Players


The Game Of Great Players:


Politics is full of interests and a successful politician is one who achieves his interests at any cost. This is not a right thing but it is a contemporary reality of time. Politics also involves the tactics to change the perceptions of others according to ones specific interests.

But, when big players involve, anything becomes complicated and same can be seen in the case with politics both at domestic level and international level.

Domestic and International Politics

Third World sates have common phenomenon internally i.e. their domestic political system is crowded with either landowners or big businessmen or some rich families.

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Their main issue is less public involvement in domestic political know-how. As a result their domestic politics, most of the time, faces constant fluctuations. Moreover, their is constant hatred in the hearts of poor for the rich because there are “haves” and “haves not”.

International political system is anarchic where there is no central government to govern the World. Due to this anarchic political system, only option for states is, “self-help”.


In result, opportunities and costs become open for all and the one, who is more powerful, will get more profits and less costs. All of this implies that international politics is just the game of big players where small states are just the tools of playing in the hands of big players.


Politics has been proved to be the game of big players i.e. powerful states. Their aim is always to achieve and secure their national interests at any cost. Both domestic and international politics serves well in the interest of powerful or influential actors whereas the voice of week or poor is always been ignored.


The 21 century demands the will of public to involve in politics to insure the freedom of speech, education, religious tolerance, justice and other social indicators.



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