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Traditional Security Threats

Author: Usama Hijazi


People change but traditions remain. Same is the case with traditional security issues and threats, along with challenges. Main traditional security threats include i.e. military threats, economic crises, allocation of resources, both human and money, in these areas etc. Mainly any traditional threat to the state and statecraft is called as traditional security threat. These threats have caused the suffering of humanity and loss of both economic and human resources.


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Traditional Security Threats:

Well, the main and the most important traditional security concern is the state security i.e. both territorial and political independence. Any threat, coming to the hurt state survival can be termed as traditional threat. That’s why any state can not compromise on its survival. In addition to the recognition of this  threat, government allocates sums of economic resources in military expenditure. Moreover, a kind of weapon race stats when two competing states quest to acquire new technology in military paradigm. Enhanced weapon race causes another tradition-al security threat along with state survival i.e. economic crises. How this can be possible? Answer is very simple, when there is imbalance between the allocation of resources in traditional and non-traditional security areas, the result is, in most of the cases, economic turmoil. This economic crises causes other factors like unemployment, poor infrastructure, education crises, poor health sector and many more.



This anarchic world has caused the states to allocate more and more resources in these issues which in result have caused many challenges for non-traditional security areas. State’s prime focus in to ensure its survival but it should not compromise on the security of its people because at the end of the day these are people who make a state and are strong pillars in the smooth working of state. More and more focus on traditional issues has caused the life to be more shorter, more brutish and instable which needs timely measures to ensure Global peace.

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