US to Placate European Ally, France after Australia submarine row

US to Placate European Ally, France after Australia submarine row

US State department announced the Blinken’s visit to France next week to sooth them over damaging exclusion of European ally from a new Indo-Pacific security initiative.

State department confirmed Blinken’s visit to Paris from Monday for an international economic conference and a meeting with French officials.

Earlier, Secretary Blinken also met French Ambassador to the United States Philippe Etienne when he resumed the duties, as he was called back by President Macron in a protest against the sabotaging jerk provided by AUKUS.

The State Department stated Blinken and Etienne “discussed the way forward in the US-French bilateral relationship” and reviewed the secretary’s upcoming journey to Paris for the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Ministerial Council Meeting. The ways to enhance US and French cooperation globally also remained key in discussions, it said.

But, US administration remained concerned about the potential loss done to the relationship of old friends.

“We recognize this will take time and it will take hard work,” said Karen Donfried, the newly confirmed top US diplomat for Europe.

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Biden administration has been striving hard to mend fences with its oldest ally France and the European Union more broadly since the Sept. 15 agreement of the Australia-US-UK, known as AUKUS, which ruptured a multi billion-dollar Australia-France submarine deal.

US to Placate European Ally, France after Australia submarine row

The French foreign ministry announced meeting between Blinken and French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian on Tuesday for a “deep exchange in the continuity of their meeting in New York Sept. 23, to identify steps that could allow them to restore trust between our two countries.”

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“The exit from the crisis will take time and require action. That is also the conclusion our American interlocutors reached,” it said.

Other matters including, climate crisis, economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Transatlantic relationship, and working with our Allies and partners to address global challenges and opportunities will come under discussion in Blinken’s meeting with Le Drian.

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