We fought two superpowers for this day says Taliban spokesperson


Afghanistan, which is facing multiple crises – international aid has largely dried up since the Taliban toppled the US-backed government last August, winter has brought widespread food shortages to an already crippled economy, and millions face famine, as the worst drought for two centuries shows no sign of easing. Women face new restrictions and are largely shut out of public life, and there are reports of widespread violence against people who worked for the former government. The Taliban has been pushing for international recognition of its government. So far, no country has recognized the regime.

Abdul Qahar Balkhi who speaks for the Taliban’s Foreign Affairs Ministry in an interview with DW said

“The current government of Afghanistan, the new government that has come to power is a manifest reality, and the world needs to engage with it, as the government that is currently in place has actually fulfilled the criteria for a body to be recognized as an official state, according to under international law and in accordance with Article One of the Montevideo Conference 1933 and it is the right of the Afghan people. They have decided upon supporting this new government”

He also showed his displeasure in calling the current government a Taliban government. Balkhi said that the government, in Afghanistan is a truly representative government of the people of Afghanistan and was not backed by foreign forces. The spokesperson also said that if there are any outstanding issues. It can all be resolved through dialog and engagement and pressure tactics will definitely not solve the problems that Afghanistan is facing.

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In a response to a question on girls being banned from education in Afghanistan. He said from primary all the way to university levels, all women are allowed to attend school and attain education in the public sector from grade one to six. All girls are attending school and in a conservative society like Afghanistan that comprises the majority of female students. He explained that in up to 12 to 13 provinces girls are attending from grade seven all the way to 12.

Balkhi pointed out that Taliban government policy is that female has every right that comprises half the population, right to work, right to education, and every single other right that has been afforded to them in Islam.

Taliban foreign spokesperson also valiantly said that the people of Afghanistan have fought valiantly against two superpowers for 43 years for the purpose to establish Islamic law. And in an Islamic society, Afghanistan as a population is 99.9 percent Muslim. So, it is right that Islam is implemented on this land.

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In an interview, Balkhi was asked whether there is press freedom in Afghanistan or not. He responded that Afghanistan has a very free and vibrant press. He said in Kabul there are channels ranging from AFP all the way to Al Jazeera to DW that are working.

Speaking on the benefit that Taliban-led government has is the peace. A country where between 200 to 300 innocent souls are lost every single day due to the brutal war, Balkhi lamented that the collective punishment people of Afghanistan are facing from the international community is very sad and unfortunate. He said, with such restrictions people are threatened with mass starvation.


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