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Why Biden plans to pull out all US troops from Afghanistan ?

Why Biden plans to pull out all US troops from Afghanistan ?


Well, All of us know that US President Joe Biden has defended his decision to withdraw the military forces from Afghanistan. Saying that US operation will end on 31st of August 2021.

The US and NATO troops are rapidly executing Biden’s decision of proper withdrawal. In 2011 NATO allies and partners agreed that we would end our combat mission in 2014. But in 2014 some argued one more year. So they kept fighting and then in 2015 same went on.

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Biden Administration:

But what thing made Biden to say that “ Just one more year of fighting in Afghanistan is not a solution but a recipe of being there indefinitely and then America’s allies have accepted MR Biden’s decision of withdrawal from Afghanistan ”.

But why ? Why is that so ? Previous president of America didn’t do such kind of decision so what compels Joe-Biden to do this ? majority of people get busy in discussing that withdrawal is happening but minority of people are thinking about the causes of this withdrawal.

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Causes of Withdrawal:

Words of current president of America Joe Biden i.e. fighting in Afghanistan is not a solution but in my opinion he is not expressing the actual fact. My opinion is that the main cause of this withdrawal is that US has spent $2.26 trillion and get nothing in result.

Another thing in my opinion is Transportation routes between/underneath the mountains that only Talban know. In this way American troops merged or shuffled between the different routes/paths while performing their task. Alarming situation of Covid-19 is also considered as the cause of withdrawal.

By words of Biden “ I’ll not send another generation of Americans to war in Afghanistan with no any reasonable expectations of achieving a different outcome”. But in my opinion America don’t want to face huge loss of money by seeing the alarming situation of the Fourth layer of corona virus and huge loss of lives.

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Economy seems to be the primary concern.
I also think that Biden realized the fact that America couldn’t win at any cost from Talban.


Concluding in my opinion that this withdrawal end result is peace from the side of America. But still there is no peace in Afghanistan until Talban stop inheriting the different cities of Afghanistan. Any regime in accordance with people should prevail.

Author: Muhammad Hamza

Hamza is an under-graduate student of International Relations at National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad.

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