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Taliban’s Barbaric Rules in Afghanistan- ‘Return to the Dark Days’



Shumaila Ghazal

Author is a Student of BS International Relations at International Islamic University, Islamabad.
Her areas of interest includes Global Conflicts, Conflict resolution.



The Afghanistan has once again retrogressed to the Dark Days where the Taliban enforced the Talibani version of Islamic Laws. After the US left Afghanistan’s Bagram Airfield nearly after 20 years, winding up its ‘Unending War’ in night, the Taliban started capturing most of the Afghan territories. The Taliban officials have claimed that they have taken control of 85 percent of territory in Afghanistan.

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After capturing more than half of Afghan districts, Talibans have re-imposed their barbaric laws specially depriving women of their basic rights. The Taliban sent their orders in the form of a leaflet to the local Imam, saying that ‘women can’t go out without their partner or relatives and men should not shave their beards.’

A Kabul resident, Shegofa Amini have told,

“Taliban have imposed restrictions on girl’s education. They can go to school till sixth class. Women should not wear small scarves and the girl above 15 will be married to the Taliban. And those who do not follow their orders are brutally punished.”

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She added, “The people of Afghanistan do not want Taliban rule and hence most of the people who live in the Capital are leaving the country.” Her family and relatives are also currently living in Pakistan because of the worsening condition in Afghanistan.
Another resident of Afghanistan says that the Taliban are forcing people to prepare food for them and offer them a place to sleep despite the huge poverty in area. All the Imams in the captured areas are ordered to provide the Taliban with a list of girls above 15 and widows under 45 to be forcibly married to the Taliban.

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Moreover, the Taliban have ceased more than 20 radio stations to broadcast and have violated media outlets and many journalists. The Taliban forced radio stations to broadcast Taliban’s Tarana and anti-government messages. These acts are totally against the freedom of expression.

No man is allowed to shave his beard and it is necessary for him to wear a turban. No person can wear green or red color clothes resembling to the flag of Afghanistan. Nobody is allowed to leave home at night.
Former US President George Bush feared that Afghani people are not safe under the rule of Taliban. He said, “I’m afraid Afghan women and girls are going to suffer unspeakable harm. They are going to be left behind to be slaughtered by these very brutal people and it breaks my heart,”
These Taliban restrictions will be difficult for some women to follow because many of them are the wage-earners of their families and they have to work outside to feed their children. And if the Taliban say they are following Islamic laws, then they must keep in mind that Islam does not permit injustice and oppression. Islam is never against girl’s education. It has instructed both men and women to acquire education. These repressive Taliban laws have misinterpreted Islamic laws and will take Afghanistan back to the Dark Days.




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